The Complete Paramotor Pilot Training Manual (English Edition) por Darrell Smith

The Complete Paramotor Pilot Training Manual (English Edition) por Darrell Smith

December 10, 2019

Titulo del libro : The Complete Paramotor Pilot Training Manual (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : October 25, 2018
Autor : Darrell Smith

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Darrell Smith con The Complete Paramotor Pilot Training Manual (English Edition)

The paramotor training manual that every beginner pilot needs. The complete paramotor pilot training manual will take you through the entire training process and beyond, and will teach you everything you need to know to become a safe and confident pilot.

With helpful pictures, illustrations, and explanations of everything you need to know, from launching and landing, to handling emergencies.

Paramotor training is important, but unfortunately courses are incredibly short. Time is of the essence, so 95% of training is spent in the field ground handling, and with a few short flights. New pilots are coming away from training with less than 5 hours flight time, and very little knowledge of so many important aspects of the sport.

This manual contains everything you need to know, contained on a single file that you can return to whenever you need help or advice, instead of using trial and error like most pilots do. The book has been put together with beginners in mind, but even pilots with a few hours behind them are sure to find the information very valuable. It's designed to take you through the entire training process. You'll learn secrets that you won't be told during training, and essential information that instructors are failing to teach.

Many people don't have the time to study an entire book, so everything is split up into handy bite-size sections, that you can enjoy one at a time. With helpful images and illustrations, and thorough explanations of everything from the theory of flight, to developing skills and confidence in the air.

Throughout the book, you'll find lots of tips and tricks, and handy yellow highlighted boxes that contain important safety information. And at the end, there's even a multiple choice exam that you can take to make sure you've absorbed everything that you have learned.

The book is designed to be read in the order that the sections appear, this lets you learn the basics first; before moving onto the more advanced stuff, like handling wing malfunctions, and emergencies.

There are sections that will appeal to foot launch, and cart pilots. We look at setting up foot launched, and wheeled machines. And the solo flight section deals with both foot launched, and wheeled takeoffs and landings.

The rules and airspace sections are written with both US, and UK pilots in mind. And there is a small international air law section that will apply to pilots worldwide.

The manual will give you a head start, and will serve you well as you progress in the sport. But to note, the manual is not meant for self training. It's recommended that everybody seek professional instruction, while using this manual alongside such training, and to increase your knowledge of the sport.