Assorted Thoughts On Podcasting por Rob Wade

Assorted Thoughts On Podcasting por Rob Wade

February 24, 2020

Titulo del libro : Assorted Thoughts On Podcasting
Autor : Rob Wade

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Rob Wade con Assorted Thoughts On Podcasting

My name is Rob Wade and I've been a podcaster since 2013, producing 3 shows across a wide variety of topics as I've gone along.There are a plethora of really great how-to guides out there for people looking to start a podcast, which will take you through removing all the technical impediments in your way. This is not one of those books.Instead, my intention is to give a few tips and anecdotes from my own experience, as well as highlighting a few good examples of some of the things I've observed over the years in the hope that it will help you produce a great show. By making use of my example and avoiding some of the mistakes I have no doubt made over the years, I hope to assist in your podcasting journey in my own small way.