Special Forces Vehicles: Images of War Series por Pat Ware

Special Forces Vehicles: Images of War Series por Pat Ware

November 13, 2019

Titulo del libro : Special Forces Vehicles: Images of War Series
Autor : Pat Ware

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Pat Ware con Special Forces Vehicles: Images of War Series

Críticas This latest title covers a well-liked subject, namely Special Forces Vehicles, and covers a multitude of units from around the world, however, the book is dominated by British and American Vehicles. The book covers WW2 and post-war subjects, with the latter being in the majority and most of the wartime images will be familiar to anyone with an interest in the subject. While this book is well priced at just GBP12.99, and is packed with photographs (all black & white) it will probably appeal to those with less previous knowledge of the subject because many of the images features within the book will be familiar to those who have been following the subject for some time. - Military Machines International Reseña del editor What is the ideal vehicle for special forces operations, for dangerous missions performed by small units of highly trained troops often working in enemy territory, behind enemy lines? And which vehicles have the world's armies selected, adapted and developed since modern special forces established themselves as a key arm of the military during the Second World War? Pat Ware, in this authoritative and highly illustrated book, uses all his expert knowledge of the history of military vehicles to show the fascinating variety of machinery that has been used, from converted Jeeps and Land Rovers to a bizarre collection of even more remarkable, sometimes purpose-built strike vehicles - the Scorpion, Cobra and Supacat Jackal, the LRDG Chevrolet, the Mechem, the Pinzgauer and the Warrior among them. As well as describing the anatomy of the typical special forces vehicle, with particular reference to the iconic SAS Jeeps and the Land Rover 'Pink Panther', he illustrates all of the known special forces vehicles, giving technical data, including information on power units and transmission, type of weapons, auxiliary equipment, armoured protection, speed and mobility, and weight. He also explains the nature of special forces and describes their historic origins, with emphasis on units such as the LRDG, the SAS and Popski's Private army during the Second World War, and he looks at modern special forces and their role. Ver Descripción del producto